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Royal Chanderis

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The gorgeous weave of Chanderi silk has its roots in the heart of India; Madhya Pradesh. These sarees are from the vibrant and historical town of Chanderi. Where ancient ruins stand tall as a reminder of the past and the craftsmanship steadily continues to breathe new life into the lives of saree lovers till this date.

The tales of Chanderi fabric dates back to the times of Lord Krishna when his cousin Shishupal cited the use of Chanderi in the ancient literature. The grace and beauty of this fabric is enhanced by the fringes embellished with gold and silver threads. Transparency and softness of this fabric favored royal patronage and was also exported overseas. The rich upper-class women of the highbrow society favored the exotic handloom of Chanderi silk to reflect the essence of Indian traditional wear.

Our featured Chanderi Collection has been sourced from the Handloom craftsmen of Chanderi, Madhya Pradesh, India and is an effort to bring you Authentic products from Authentic locations.