Our Story

At Indethnic we are dedicated to building trust across the value chain, bringing the right product from the authentic geographical source to you.

We are also dedicated to the weavers of India by ensuring that their products become more visible and accessible on the modern trade channels, especially ecommerce.

We are able to do this since we are Industry insiders who understand the needs, aspirations and the love which goes into a product from the perspective of a consumer when they buy it and also of a weaver when they create it.

We understand that, the needs of consumers differ and a one size fits all is not the answer and sometimes getting to exactly what you want can be hard.

Today’s marketplace is flooded with millions of options across product categories and with the increasing influence of digital retail channels the consumer has the privilege of finding what they want at the price they want.

Gone are the days when a Banarasi saree would be sold to the highest bidder in the narrow lanes of the city. Such was the quality of the craftmanship and value of the product that now more Banarasi Sarees are made outside Banaras than even in Banaras.

This is true not only for a Banarasi, but also for Kanjeevaram, Chanderi, Paithani, Pochampally, Sambhalpuri, Jamdani etc., you name it.

In the bid to meet growing consumer demand and to cater to needs at different price points this was necessary and I sincerely acknowledge that if it wasn’t for the enterprising weavers and creators of India that we would have never experienced such democratization of clothing.


Does this mean that we the consumers shall let the traditions fade away?

Does this mean that we the consumers will be misguided in our decision making?

Does this mean that we the consumers will be sold a product without fully understanding it?

Does this mean that we will buy product without clarity on its origins and what it includes?

This current dynamic makes us uncomfortable, and we wanted to do something about it.

Hence, we built Indethnic.

Indethnic is an ode to the creators, weavers, artisans and consumers of the country.